The Five Intellectual Principles

By the means of the deduction of reason I have concluded that the following principles is what defines someone as an intellectual.

#1.Open-Mindedness: Any intellectual must accept that he or she could be wrong about anything, therefore must be open minded to everything. If you believe a certain falsehood to be true, and am not open-minded to the truth when it comes by you, you will remain in ignorance.

#2.Skepticism: Skepticism is not in contradiction to open-mindedness. Both open-mindedness and skeptictism are a way of taking something into question. One must keep balance between their skepticism and open-mindedness to be an intellectual. If you believe a certain falsehood and if you are more skeptical than open-minded you will be to closed off to the truth when it comes by you. If you are more open-minded than skeptical you will be to gullible to falsehoods.

#3.Curiosity: If you believe a certain falsehood, even if you are evenly open-minded and skeptical, if you are not curious, if you do not search out the truth, it will be much less likely that you will find it.

#4.Intellectual-Humility: Any intellectual must realize that they have no real knowledge of anything beyond the two knowables. Beyond those, the only absolute knowledge you can absolutely know is in knowing that you know absolutely nothing else, that is, if there is absolute knowledge, which you can’t absolutely know, which means you can’t even know if anything in this ridiculously complex statement is even true or false. Intellectual-humility is the most consistent base for open-mindedness.

#5.Self-Honesty: You may be humble, curious, skeptical and open-minded enough so that the truth is evident to you, but if you can’t accept it, you will remain in ignorance.

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