Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

I love the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.

It’s not like a horoscope or anything like that, it doesn’t really give any new information about yourself, just a title.

It asks a few questions which point out which of two different ways you lean in four different characteristics, making sixteen combinations.

Extroverted <> Introverted

Sensing <> iNtuition

Thinking <> Feeling

Judging <> Perceiving


Extroversion: More outgoing. More social.

Introversion: Less outgoing. Less social.

Sensing: More concrete. Less theoretical. Less abstract. More concerned with the present than the future. More concerned with the five senses than with the unphysical and possibilities. Places higher value on experience than reasoning ability.

iNtuition: Less concrete. More theoretical. More abstract. More concerned with the future than the present. More concerned with the unphysical and possibilities than the five senses. Places higher value on reasoning ability than experience.

Thinking: More concerned with the rational than the moral. Tough-minded. Bases decisions off of calculation.

Feeling: More concerned with the moral than the rational. Soft-hearted. Bases decisions off of emotion.

Judging: More comfortable with making decisions and moving onto something else as opposed to always evaluating something. Good at making decisions. Prefers closure. Prefers planning things out. Structural. Prefers getting things done. Organized.

Perceiving: More comfortable with always evaluating something as opposed to making a decision. Good at evaluating. Prefers open-endedness. Prefers spontaneity. Flexible. Prefers procrastination. Disorganized.

Now for a few groups of the types and what they usually translate to:

NTs: The Intellectuals.

STs: The Teachers. (The Realists)

NFs: The Dreamers. (The Idealists)

SFs:  [to be updated, suggestions appreciated]

TPs: The Evaluators.

FPs: [to be updated, suggestions appreciated]

TJs: The Leaders. (The Fathers)

FJs: The Supervisors. (The Mothers)

Now for some pics which accurately depict each type:

I’ll start off with mine.

ENTP. The Visionary.

Notable: Walt Disney

Next, curiously, almost ALL my internet friends are the next type, even though it isn’t one of the most popular.

INTJ. The Mastermind

Notable: President Eisenhower

Now for the rest.

ESTP. The Promoter.

Notable: Donald Trump

ISTP. The Mechanic.

Notable: Clint Eastwood

INTP. The Thinker.

Notable: Albert Eienstien

ESFP. The Performer.

Notable: Marlyn Monroe.

ISFP. The Artist

Notable: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ok, I guess there’s gonna be a few lacking pictures, sorry.

ESTJ. The Guardian.

Notable: Collin Powell

ISTJ. The Fullfiller.

Notable: Harry Truman

ENFP. The Inspirer.

Notable: Martin Luther King Jr.

INFP. The Idealist.

Notable: Mohandis Gandhi

ENTJ. The Executive.

Notable: Franklin D. Roosevelt

ENFJ. The Giver.

Notable: Ronald Reagan

View Image

INFJ. The Protector.

Notable: Mother Teresa

ESFJ. The Provider.

Notable: George Washington

ISFJ. The Nurturer.

Notable: Robert E. Lee

. —

. —

. —

Now we move onto something else. Animal personalties associated with each type:

I didn’t write these though. So don’t give me credit. I don’t really know who made them.

ESTJ – German Shepherd

Although they’re very loyal to you, German Shepherds, like ESTJ humans, tend to get annoying after a while. Loud, obnoxious, and aggressive, you can smell their authority from a mile away.

ISTJ – tortoise

The ISTJ tortoise continually plods along at a monotonous pace, even if they can’t take a nap – as ISTJs, they have a constant need to work.

ESFJ – dolphin

Helpless? In danger? Going to be eaten? Don’t worry, the ESFJ dolphin, as a willing helper, will always come to save you.

ISFJ – polar bear

Modest, dutiful, and uncomplaining, polar bears are the dependable ISFJs who faithfully look after their young.

ESTP – tiger

Savage and opportunistic, ESTP tigers devour anything that could feed them whenever they have a chance.

ISTP – wolf

Like the ISTP tiger, but more subtle and secretive about the victims they kill.

ESFP – chihuahua

Chihuahuas, as ESFPs, are happy, fun-loving, affectionate, and entertaining.

ISFP – kitten

The ISFP kitten is a reserved but kind creature who couldn’t hurt anybody.

ENFJ – Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers, as ENFJs, are affectionate dogs who faithfully maintain a bond of loyal friendship.

INFJ – panda

Exceedingly rare just like INFJ people, the panda is truly unique and special animal. They are interesting, likable, and innocent, but cannot seem to fit into society.

ENFP – bird

Birds are ENFPs who chirp away with their friends across the woods, enthusiastically telling their magnificent stories.

INFP – penguin

Penguins, being INFPs, are free-spirited, cooperative, and compassionate.

ENTJ – shark

In the ocean, the shark is at the top of the food chain, just as ENTJ people are at the top of the food chain in society.

INTJ – snake

Insidious, clever, and pragmatic, you never know if the INTJ snake is dangerous or not.

ENTP – parrot

The most unique personality type matches up with the most unique animal. Parrots, as ENTPs, are entertaining individuals who make laugh-out-loud comments.

INTP – owl

Owls, being calm and wise birds, are INTPs.


And that concludes this post.

This is the most read one I have made.

Yet, it has a few holes.

Please comment and tell me how I can make it better.

Updated last: August 31st 2010


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