A Change in Political Views…again *sigh*

As I stated in my old blog, there was no guaranteeing that Anarchy was a solid thing with me.

One of my most defining characteristics is my inability to make up my mind. I’m all over the place. I’m a procrastinator. I can never make long term decisions and end up sticking with them.

I started out Republican.

Then Libertarian.

Then Minarchist.

Then Free-Market Anarchist.

As well as many other minor things in between.

And recently, like always, I’ve been having doubts about my beliefs.

So I have officially had it with political dogma!

Here is my official political statement:

My political views are that of pragmatism and the scientific  method. I think the most viable ideologies should be tested and the most successful implemented. I hold no blind faith in ideological dogma. However, the ideology I see as most possible for highest success, though with some doubts, is Free-Market Anarchism.


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