The Eden Paradox

True or false? If you do not have a knowledge of what is moral and immoral you cannot be either, you are amoral, nonpossessing of morals. It is quite simply a statement of noncontradiction; if you do not have morals you do not have morals–cannot be moral or immoral. The rational answer is that it’s true.

Now, it is widely known that the bible declares that God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge but they then defied God’s command and ate the fruit which gives them knowledge of good and evil.

So answer this; How could the act of eating the fruit be immoral if they could not have gained morals until after eating it? And further more; How could it possibly be just to punish an amoral act?

Just think about it.


One Response to “The Eden Paradox”

  1. I came across this post as well as the one on Faith while looking up the ever-cool ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Religion’ tags. I agree with your points here, but allow me to play Devil’s -or God’s- Advocate.

    I don’t think they say it was an act of immorality as much as an act of disobedience. They strictly defied a strict order not to eat from that tree. There’s also the fact that morality goes according to God’s will- he’s the Christian’s objective and unchanging moral value.

    I disagree with the whole blaming someone that had the moral awareness of a dog- metaphorically speaking. Not to mention that there’s the whole lie of omission. Where was God during the serpent’s episode, and if he was truly that sly and eloquent, can’t he drop a word on before he leaves? You know, a simple, “Eve, c’mere! If a snake comes and talks to you, don’t listen. He’s a lying little shit that wants to get back at me.” at least just so God can say he tried.

    Overall, I’ve taken a liking to what I have actually seen on your blog. I’ll definitely take the time later on to see what else you may have that’ll open a bit of discussion.

    Spread the Good Word! Everyone, even that saint in the forest and on the mountains must know that God is dead! We shall teach them of the Overman, for it is he that now lives!

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