The political issue that I am single most passionate about is a reformation of the educational system.

The compulsory system we have now is based on indoctrination for achieving knowledge rather than through free-thought.

And I’m not just talking about public school, no! This includes public school, home-school and other private schools.

This is what you must learn, this is what you must not.
This is how you must learn it, this is how you must not.
This is where you must learn it from, this is where you must not.
This is when you must learn it, this is when you must not.
This is what place you must be and when you must be there and this is everything else your not aloud to do.
This is where you must sit and be quiet while you listen to the teacher who definitely knows better than you about everything.
No need to ask questions, just do what your told.
This is how much you must focus on this issue and on this one too. Who cares which things really interest you.
This is who will be teaching you, better get on their good side, this is also who will be grading you.
This is all the tedious work and mountains of pages you must fill out, as if that really teaches you anything.
This is where you come to become settled in with the rest of society.
Forget who you are and the things you desire, your one of us now.
This is the place where you come to be instilled with the glorious values of our society that will finally mold you into a good person, like obedience and loyalty and how to be content with running through the motions, OH, and lets not forget the most important one! PATRIOTISM.
Now bow-down, shut-up and get back to work you silly ignorant child.

What I advise is this:

Either upon reaching a certain age, such as ten, or proving that you have reached a basic knowledge, such as math, reading, writing, etc, you would be able to participate in the system I am to describe.

You work at your own pace, your studying hours are under your control.

You study what you want, there is no involuntary curriculum. Though you are given advice on what to learn; particularly which fields of knowledge are in high demand in the work-place.

You have free access to a giant library containing all relevant fields of inquiry. You don’t have to use these books but they are there for your convenience.

There are various teachers throughout the facility that each specialize in one or several fields. You may use these teachers if you wish but are not required.

If any teacher is inefficient at their job than they can be fired by the students through a popular vote.

Upon learning what you want, when you wanted to and from whom you wanted to, you can then ask for a test for you to be tested on specific fields of your choice.

After taking said test you will receive a certificate showing the fields you chose and how well you know them so that it may be shown to a potential employer or anything else you would wish it for.

There is no graduation date. You can update your certificate anytime you want with any fields you want on it.

The facility would also include places for the arts and sports which you are not tested on.

This new system would not only increase the standard of living by directly making lives easier on those seeking an education but also, I argue, would create a smarter and free-thinking generation that would progress the rest of society into a better future.

Do you know where the compulsory form of education we got now mostly originated from?

Nazi Germany. It was invented to indoctrinate the youth into faithful obedience of the dictatorship. Soon it’s “potential” was recognized by others and it spread to the rest of the world.

In the system we have now only old knowledge that may or may not be correct is inefficiently passed down without actually encouraging anything knew. It is only through free-thought that any knew knowledge can be gained. Your ability to memorize says only half about your intelligence. The system we have now completely forgets about nurturing ones ability to reason.

Destroy the current tyrannical indoctrination machine and we will see progress in all other political, social and scientific fields.



  1. TwoEdgedSword Says:

    I partially agree with you on this. I disagree in that I think there are SOME things that SHOULD be taught. Those things being the basics… reading, writing, and math (aka the 3 Rs). Apart from that you should get your pic of what you want to study. The 3 Rs are a daily use in the lives of almost all people (reading probably being the least used of the 3).

    Right now, here in the US, there are battles over who is going to get to produce text books for schools. Each side wanting their viewpoint to be the one published. At first I thought it was silly to battle over because wouldn’t one want to know what dissenting views are? At least a little? But then when I thought back to my days in college I thought about how many people just regurgitated the information that was handed to them and never thought for themselves about what was being taught. So, unfortunately, the world has more than it’s fair share of stupid people who take whatever is given to them. 😦

  2. In my system they are not simply given something but forced to choose, put in a place to actually think for themselves. And notice that I did indeed say this system wouldn’t apply until they learned the very basics you mentioned.

  3. TwoEdgedSword Says:

    I missed that part… sorry. 😦

    In that case, I vote for you to be Chancellor of Education!

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