What both Capitalists and Socialists don’t get.

Capitalists and Socialists tend not to understand each-other at all. Since I have experience as being both after my many different fluctuation on the political spectrum, I will try to clear up two points.

What most Socialists tend not to understand is that Capitalism IS economic efficiency and most parts of Socialism are not. As a Socialist myself at the moment, I 100% openly admit this.

What most Capitalists tend not to understand is that economic efficiency isn’t everything. In-fact, it’s not even most of everything. The economy is there for the people, not the other way around. Stealing from other nations and killing all the poor people are both examples of economic efficiency that actually have a negative effect. You may disagree but it seems apparent to me that the most successful political system is one that has the highest possible average between economic efficiency and a minimum standard if living with the lowest possible amount of hierarchies; for this would cause the highest amount of happiness for every individual.

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