DENMARK: Greatest Country on Earth

Not only does it rank as #1 most happy, but here are some other things it ranked extremely high on.
Ranks #1 in worlds least corrupt country in 2008, #2 in 2009 after New Zealand.
Ties for #2 as most peaceful country in the world with Norway and after New Zealand in 2009.
Ranks #16 on the Human Development Index between Spain and Belgium in 2009. Norway is #1.
Ranks #5 on Global Competitive Index between Sweden and Finland in 2010. Switzerland is #1.
Ranks #1 in having the highest income equality in 2008.(meaning less of a gap between rich and poor)
Ranks #16 in highest GDP per capita between Iceland and Sweden in 2009. #1 is Qatar.
Ranks #5 in nominal GDP per capita Switzerland and Ireland in 2009. #1 is Luxembourg.
Ranks #9 in highest export per capita between Switzerland and Kuwait in 2006. #1 is Singapore.
Denmark is described as having the most flexible labor market in Europe.
Denmark has the fourth highest ratio of tertiary degree holders in the world.
According to rankings by OECD, Denmark has the most free financial markets in EU-15 and also one of the most free product markets.
Denmark is known for the Denmark Cooperative Movement.
Denmark has the world’s highest minimum wage.
As of June 2009 the unemployment rate is at 6.3%, which is below the EU average of 8.9%.
Denmark has the highest income tax in the world.
AND FINALLY; Denmark also ranks as the #4 most Atheist country in the world. GO FIGURE.
File:Flag of Denmark.svg
Oh, so you thought that was all? Think again.
Now lets take a look at the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen

It was ranked #1 as Most Livable City in the World by international lifestyle magazine Monocle on their Top 25 Most Livable Cities 2008 list.

World’s Best Design City 2008 also by Monocle.

In 2008, Copenhagen was ranked #4 by Financial Times-owned FDi magazine on their list of Top50 European Cities of the Future after London, Paris and Berlin.

In 2006/07 FDi Magazine named Copenhagen Scandinavian City of the Future and in 2004/05 Copenhagen was named Northern European City of the Future ahead of other cities from Scandinavia, UK, Ireland and Benelux.

In the 2008 Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index, published by MasterCard, Copenhagen was ranked 14th in the world and 1st in Scandinavia.

In the The 2008 Global Cities Index, Copenhagen was ranked 36th in the world, 15th in Europe, and 2nd in Scandinavia.

Copenhagen ranks 3rd in Western Europe and 1st in the Nordic countries for attracting head offices.

Copenhagen #1 out of 254 locations in the Location Ranking Survey performed by ECA International that has asked European experts where they prefer to be stationed worldwide.

It was ranked #6 in Grist Magazine’s “15 Green Cities” list in 2007 making Copenhagen the greenest capital of Scandinavia according to Grist Magazine.

It is the capital in the world where organic food has the largest market share. One in every ten purchases is organic in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Metro has been named the Best Metro in the World by industry experts.

It is ranked #7 as Preferred City For Investment Projects.

It ranked 3rd in Western Europe in terms of attracting regional headquarters and distribution centres, only surpassed by London and Paris.

It ranks #1 in the Global Earning Ranking.

The city ranks as the 5th most popular city in the world for international meetings and conferences.

It ranks as one of the most attractive cities to live and work in Europe.

It is ranked 11th in Mercer’s Quality of Living global city rankings 2009.

Lonely Planet ranks Copenhagen as Scandinavia’s ‘ coolest ‘ capital .

Travellers have voted Copenhagen the cleanest city in Europe.

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