How to bring about Socialism.

Just a few minutes ago I had a revelation while sitting on the crapper on how to bring about Socialism with relative ease and without using force.

Now keep in mind that the Socialism I am referring to here and am almost always referring to when I say socialism is worker-ownership of a business. I am not referring to State-Socialism or redistribution of wealth.

Step 1: Collaborate together a large group of Socialists towards accomplishing the mission(Should be very easy). All or most of  these workers need to be employed at a Capitalistic business but not all the same business. Preferably a considerable amount of businesses between them. But every business which each one of them is in needs to have at least the majority of their co-workers also being apart of this Socialist agenda(that’s the harder part).

Example(just throwing numbers out there): 20 different Capitalist businesses all having mostly Socialist workers. About 50 Socialists from each business. About 1,000 Socialists total.

Step 2: One of the businesses is selected for the next step of the mission.

Step 3: The Socialist workers go on strike with this particular business.

Step 4: The other Socialists out of the larger group all voluntarily donate a small amount to the strikers so they are still getting the required income they need. Thus they can continue going on strike for a very prolonged amount of time.

Step 5: With such a strike happening the business will have no choice but to either give into the demands(the demands being that the workers buy the businesses for whatever it cost in creating it) or to hire new workers. The latter being much more likely.

Step 6: When the employer attempts to hire new workers the workers will be bribed into quitting via free pay from the large association of Socialists. The employer will at that point have no choice but sell the business to the workers. Socialism is accomplished.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6 with another business until all businesses are Socialized.

Step 8: Grow organization. Repeat steps 1-8 indefinitely.


4 Responses to “How to bring about Socialism.”

  1. But obviously this would be hard to do in America where there aren’t many Socialists. I plan to start this movement in Denmark and move out from there.

  2. A workers business would not work, because there will be leaders who will naturally make decisions of commerce and investments in capital, this will eventually lead to this minority controlling all the means of production and will take over the business. They will therefore start exploiting the workers all over again. Private property is the problem, all industries must be nationalized in the hands of the government, only through this way can a fair socialist society be achieved.

  3. What you described makes no sense. And the government can absolutely not be trusted with such power. Voluntarism is the only efficient way to do it. The very point of Socialism is to decentralize authority to create more fairness. Giving the government that much power is doing exactly the opposite. You can’t force people to be free.

  4. Do go ahead and try it. It will be profoundly educational experience for you. Businesses require capital. You need an office, equipment, and a way to finance receivables. Putting up capital involves risk. You have to risk a good percentage of everything you own, knowing that a high percentage of businesses fail within a few years. Collective enterprises are legal and easy to form in the US; they can be done informally as partnerships with each person responsible for the debts of the whole. Go ahead and start signing people up. You’ll learn something.

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