Another Reason Why God Cannot Exist.

Even though I have already proven that a God cannot exist, let us assume for a second that none of that happened and the question is still up in the air which, no doubt, many reading this will probably already believe.

Let’s assume there’s a God.

Point 1: Things are here.

Point 2: God did/does things.

Point 3: This means God is acting towards a conclusion; a goal.

Point 4: Which means things weren’t perfect to begin with.

Point 5: But what was there to begin with? Just God.

Conclusion 1: A perfect God cannot exist. God acting to a conclusion cannot be perfection as a conclusion would be God’s means to fulfill perfection.

Point 6: If a perfect God existed, he would have simply been and that would be that.

Conclusion 2: If your definition of God is that he is perfect than God does not exist. Since things are; things have happened, there is no God.


3 Responses to “Another Reason Why God Cannot Exist.”

  1. yes, there isn’t a perfect god. there isn’t ANY god, perfect or otherwise.

  2. Very well put and nicely done!

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