Legalize Pot

Argument 1, It Isn’t a Bad Thing: Alcohol and tobacco are both more more addictive and detrimental to one’s health than cannabis. Yet they are legal. There is no record of anyone ever over-dosing on marijuana. It creates a state of relaxation for the user and has many legitimate medical uses. It doesn’t have to be smoked, it can be inhaled from a pot-vaporizer, thus causing no harm to the lungs. Many medical professionals agree that pot causing death of brain-cells is just a myth. A good example of this is famous astronomer and intellectual Carl Sagan who reported that he smokes pot every day. Other large and successful figures who have smoked pot include many of the founding fathers, Barrack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Paul McCartney. There is no need to keep it illegal.

Argument 2, It Would Lower Violent Crime Rates: The Black Market Effect: Whenever something which has a high consumer demand such as guns or marijuana is outlawed, it will increase crime-rates since the only one’s selling it are criminals who are often linked to violent crime.

Argument 3, It Would Free Up Jails: Besides the lowering of violent crimes. Currently a vast amount of inmates are there for illegal possession of marijuana. There is no need to lock up these innocent people and spend hordes of the people’s money to keep them there.

Argument 4, It Will Aid the Economy: Legalizing pot means more jobs, more business, more tax revenue, and a lot of happy customers.

Argument 5, FREEDOM: People have the right to do to themselves what they want. Fuck off.


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