A Heaven for Atheists???

For a long time us nonreligious folk have been criticizing the ideas of heaven among the many religions and ascertaining that once we die our consciousnesses disappear and never return.

And certainly there is nothing to fear of this kind of end. No more suffering, you won’t even care at all. Yet it still gives you incentive to live.

But what if I told you there could actually be heaven waiting for us, without a need for a God, without religion, or spirituality? Do I have your attention?

Besides being a philosopher, political theorist and a party-animal, I also spend a great deal of time thinking about the future, more specifically the far future; I am a futurist.

Keep in mind this is all theoretical. It’s an idea of mine, not a belief. In-fact I don’t actually have any beliefs, only ideas.

There may come a day(and we are speaking farther in the future than you can imagine) in which we develop the technology to sustain our universe from being destroyed by whatever natural processes would threaten it. This would essentially give us unlimited time. If this is achieved I think it would be theoretically possible to develop technology capable of taking a “snapshot” of the universe. With this snap shot we would be able to see every single smallest piece that makes up the universe. If this is achieved we would then be able to use the data collected to hypothetically turn back the clocks and see every single happening in the history of the universe. This means seeing every creature to ever come into existence. At this point whatever grand life form it is that has this technology would then be able to decide whether to bring any of us back to life by reconstructing us from the data provided by the snapshot. With infinite time on their hands it would be expected that they would finally do this. We would all see each other again and live in the amazing new world we would encounter.

Far fetched?





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