CNN, HNN, FOX News, NBC, MSNBC, local news, it’s all bullshit!

Whatever your political leanings, the bare fact is that all these conventional news sources are owned by powerful corporations, all notorious for doing anything and everything to maximize profit which they have high leverage to do thanks to their strong and corrupt connections with the federal and state government.

You see, corporations are in themselves small governments, except without the boarders.

Corporations have become extremely dangerous due to government sponsorships like copy-right laws and back-door deals. You’ll in-fact find that many of the people working in our higher offices today used to work for or have very strong ties with multiple of these insidious organizations.

And the absolute worst thing you can possibly do with these entities of such notable malice is to place them in control of communication, which is precisely what we have done.

And let me make this clear; whoever controls communication controls the world. Plain and simple.

Everything you watch on conventional news has been pre-screened and approved of by these all powerful corporations.


Yes, it’s the very reason I am able to get this message to you right now.

None of those news sources would tell any of what I’m telling you now, though they know it all too well.

The internet is, in absolutely no exaggeration, the savior of all man-kind right now.

FOX News likes to point out how they are the most watched news channel on television. What they don’t tell you is that 67% of people get their news off the internet. Which is the only reason we have ANY liberty at all.

I not only advice but plead with you to stop letting yourself get indoctrinated by the establishment.

You just don’t realize at all what is happening when you watch these channels. You may think that when you leave out their so called “opinion shows” that all their new coverage is fair and balanced. BULLSHIT! There is flat-out just many things they are no way in hell gonna tell you. And even with all the things they do show I would still urge you to pull your head out of your ass at the apparent one-sidedness of all their pitiful excuse for newscasting!

On the internet, home to millions of different reporters from all different perspectives, you can obtain all sides to nearly any issue light-years past what any of the establishment-broadcasters have to offer you.

Figure it out.


2 Responses to “STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!!”

  1. Nikolaus Theophilus Drescher Says:

    This article is right on. The media is just a tool of big government to feed out bogus information to the masses that either don’t care or are to dumb to realize that what they are being told is all “lies, lies, lies”. 9-11 inside job – perfect example of this.

    People refuse to believe it because politics is their new religion. Religious orthodoxy has been replaced by political “correctedness”. Heretics have become “conspiracy theorists” and are smeared with meaningly Newspeak terms like “Holocaust Denier” and “Anti-Semite”, etc.

    So interesting how you and I are both anti-Establishment, but for such different reasons and how our opinions diverge.

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