Two Things I Want to be Quoted On.

Quote me on these:

> “Some of the freest men and women to ever live have been in shackles and behind bars. For I tell you this; no one shall so much as taste freedom until they know freedom of mind.”

> “Go ahead, keep clamoring for your government to give you more and more rights. But there is one natural right that government will never give you. It is highest of all rights and also the hardest to obtain. The right to resist, for defiance, for revolution. For without the right to resist, you have no rights at all.”


3 Responses to “Two Things I Want to be Quoted On.”

  1. The direct battle between the government and the people is way out dated…
    that’s what i believe
    The obvious fight to achieve a banned or scarce goal is nowadays cliche…
    that’s what i think
    I have learnt to fight my battles over time, with patience and consistent success
    that’s what i did
    I have learnt that some of the most important achievements are accomplished from within
    that’s what i realized
    I have changed my world, succeeded and yes, been quoted from within
    that’s what i think
    I have steered away from loud defiance and walked the path of silent combat
    that’s what i achieved
    I have hailed the rebels that paved the way for the likes of me
    I will postpone my superhero status until i am long dead for what good i decide to do…
    may not be seen as so for now.
    That’s just what i think.

  2. Awesome. Did you come up with that?

  3. yeah… some topics do that to me 🙂

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