Capitalism Does NOT Mean Free-Market!

I’m so sick of all the miss-used terminology being thrown around. So lets set things straight.

Capitalism is not the free-market.

Pure Capitalism is where all things are individually owned.

Corporate Capitalism is where all things are owned by either individuals or corporations. It’s the closest thing to what we have today.

The Free-Market is where all ownership is decided purely through voluntary association.

Free-Market Capitalism is where all things have been made to be owned by individuals though voluntary association. Which, believe it or not, is nearly impossible. It just doesn’t work out that way when things are left to be on their own.

Socialism is where the means of production is collectively owned(which could either be by the community or just by the workers).

Free-Market Socialism is where the means of production have been made collectively owned through voluntary association. Yes, that’s right, I said Free-Market Socialism. It’s no oxymoron.

In a Free-Market there is a choice, Capitalism and Socialism are simply two choices to be made.

I would argue that in a truly Free-Market both Capitalism of the extreme right and Communism of the extreme left would be incredibly rare. The most probable thing to emerge is a system in which all things being individually used are individually owned and all things collectively used are collectively owned, which implies Socialism.

When people pull for supposed Free-Market principles in the classical economics of today, all their really doing is supporting Corporate Capitalism because they propose less public control over economics while at the same time supporting the existence of Corporations, which are invented by the government. They claim they are granting freedom. And they absolutely are–freedom for the tyrants to control the common man.

Free-Market Socialism is true freedom.


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