So why choose Pacifism over retaliation-but-not-initiationism?

Because violence begets violence begets violence.

Violent retaliation will not achieve the ends you seek. It only stirs-up more hatred and will act to justify the initiators violence in their own minds.

To choose not to stoop down to their level and strike back does something amazing. It changes your attacker. It will give birth to emotions of mercy and compassion within them.

“So what then”, you say, “just take it?”. No. Pacifism is not weak, but a mightier force than any army, by onethousand-fold. Violence is not required in-order to resist. In-fact, it has proven to be one of the least effective forms of resistance imaginable by increasing the problem. Pacifism does not mean non-resistance. There are many tools to use in replace of violence which are more effective. You may appeal to their emotion by not striking back or even further by returning the blow with kindness. You may appeal to their reason by negotiation. And you may simply refuse to cooperate with oppression, through courage and through perseverance, like the way of Gandhi.

Everything I see in the current perverse established doctrine of so called solution making by violent exchange I can sum up in this one phrase that shows itself to ring-true everyday:
Violence is suicide.


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