Why Politics is Not the Answer

Government exists for the purpose of giving the illusion that we are a civilized people. Government does not actually make us civilized–quite the opposite–we have government because we are not civilized. If government were to suddenly collapse we would descend into even more chaos than we are in. The average person is irresponsible and irrational. So politics is really the mechanism of how to control and get around these irrational people. It does not actually solve the problem. If solving the problem is your objective then politics is not what you should be concerned with. Is the solution how to control irrationality or is the solution how to have less rationality?

I am concerned with what people do, not what they are allowed to do.


4 Responses to “Why Politics is Not the Answer”

  1. The government and the governed seem to have a mutually parasitic relationship; each is determined to use and abuse the other for selfish gain. The government wants unquestioning servants to maintain its authority; the governed want as large a share of the government’s protection and “gifts” as possible. The situation lines up nicely with human nature.

  2. I disagree. I think it has much to do with desire… you have desires, other people have desires… when your desires don’t line up there is disagreement which leads to violence. Government then is a way of regulating your desires… and that has been the case for a long period of time. In fact that is how you convince people to form civilization in the first place, by appealing to their desires for a better life.. for security, etc.

    I have some stuff on my blog about desire. I am very interested in this topic.

  3. This is very poorly written and argued. Your conclusion does not follow from your premise. Your argument is as follows:

    People are uncivilized.
    Government does not make us civilized, it just gives us the illusion that we are.
    Without government, we would descend into uncivilized chaos.
    Therefore, government does not solve the problem. Government is not the answer.

    Let’s work backwards from your conclusion. If government does not solve the problem and is not the answer, then why would a lack of government cause chaos? It seems to me, based on your argument, that government is doing a pretty damn good job of preventing chaos and creating order.

  4. I did not say that the lack of government was chaos. I think exactly the opposite. Rather, the lack of government and chaos is an evolution that needs to be made.

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