“What if you’re wrong and there really is a God”

That was a question posed to me by a Christian.

My appalling reply:

“If it turns out there really is a God I would gladly ask to go to hell in some strange twist of half-deranged spitefulness towards God’s appearent kicks he would get out of striking fear into people’s hearts with his abusive ego, so large and infathomable, that it baffles even my own.”


5 Responses to ““What if you’re wrong and there really is a God””

  1. actually ask the hypothetical almighty deity to sentence you to eternal torture? wow, you have cajones. i don’t even want to be water boarded….once, let alone be tortured for eternity O_o.

  2. scaryreasoner Says:

    What if there really is “a God”? The indefinite article, “a”, rather then the definite article, “the”, or omission of the article altogether? This seems rather to indicate a lack of certainty — dare I say, a (much welcomed) lack of faith — on the part of the questioner. What if there is “a god?” Well, what sort of god? The indefinite article seems to allow any sort… even the sort which does not go about sending those who fail to believe an absurd story allegedly about “him” (I’ll use the common vernacular for convenience) to a destination of eternal suffering for the crime of exercising their minds to the best of their (shall we say, god given) abilities and arriving at what would seem to be to any atheist upon unexpected arrival in hell, an incorrect answer?

    What if you’re wrong and there is a god? One might turn this around and ask the Christian: “What if you’re wrong, and there is a god?” E.g.: Allah, Thor, Zeus, etc.

    The Christian’s question, “what if you’re wrong…” is specious.

    Let’s see how Richard Dawkins handles this question:

    “What if you’re wrong.” As if there were a profound question. Only the faithful imagine this to be a profound question, as only the faithful fail to ask it of themselves.

  3. scaryreasoner Says:

    And, oh yeah, this “what if you’re wrong?” line of questioning carries a strong whiff of Pascal’s idiotic wager. (Pascal’s wager is the shorthand form, but I prefer the more formal and correct form, “Pascal’s idiotic wager.”)

  4. well, if you’re responding to a questioner that you don’t really like, and don’t really want to talk to, then just respond with a question yourself: “what if he’s not?” this probably works for the type that really hasn’t thought of the hypothetical at all.

    or, you could ask, “well, what if God exists and It’s like how i imagine It, and not how you imagine It?”

    or “it’s your hypothetical. why are you asking me?”

    i don’t really find Xians asking me this question. Maybe it’s because i live in a blue state.

  5. what if god x… that operates in domain of fantasy y… considering an infinite number of x and y; then it is impossible not to offend at least one x in domain y. then there is no way to make every god happy. therefore it is impossible for me to satisfy the conditions under which i would be better off.

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