This is why it still exist.

1. Illegal =/= Abolished

Though it is true that slavery(in it’s traditional sense) has been made illegal(also in it’s traditional sense) in every country the world, it is also true that slavery still exists in every country in the world. There is a huge demand for slaves and economic inequality leads to scenarios which makes it extremely easy to develop. There are estimated to be more slaves today than at any point in human history.

2. Illegal =/= Enforced

Slavery is an extreme problem in Mauritania today, among other countries, where the government refuses to enforce it’s anti-slavery laws. The slavery there is the same white over black slavery we saw(see) in America.

3. Illegal for you =/= Illegal for the government

Lets take America as an example. The 13th Amendment, the one which supposedly abolished slavery, is very clear on the matter that it does nothing of the kind.
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment…”
In other words, the government has simply done what it has always done. Whenever there is a thing in society which is undesirable, it doesn’t destroy it, it only gains a monopoly on it. The story is always the same.
Indeed, we see slavery all the time in America. Prisoners’ labor is sold off against their will to corporations who could have hired the people starving on the street because they can’t find a job.
The funny thing is(not in a good way), a much higher per capita of these prisoners are black. When the slaves were supposedly freed they had zero compensation and have been kept in a perpetual state of poverty ever since, causing elevated crime rates(due to a much higher incentive). And when they try to get out of poverty by selling drugs(a victim less crime) that also puts them in jail.

4. Involuntary servitude is illegal =/= Servitude against one’s will is illegal

I am, of course, speaking of wage slavery. Wage-slavery is where someone is in such an economic condition that they are desperately dependent on their employer. Those who are against considering wage-slavery real slavery are making the claim that “choosing” something when there is really no other choice at all can really be considered voluntary. Money is just as much a device of political power as elections are. When someone must make a contract with someone much more economically secure than they are, it is the rich-man with all the leverage in the decision. This kind of pressure is equivalent to coercion. If you disagree still, I dare, I just dare you, to find a starving child in china who works for some industry making stuff for America who receives just enough so they can move their weight in the job the next day(all day) and tell them to their face that it isn’t slavery, that they chose this for themselves.

It’s time to re-abolish slavery.


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