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Nonpropertarianism (A Truly Free Market)

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There are many Capitalists who boast a “free-market”. But what is it they mean by this phrase? What is “free” in their eyes? Surely they will tell you that it a system void of coercion, one of voluntary exchange. I am here to challenge that. Challenge, that is, that this “free-market” they espouse is really anything of the sort.

Even as a former Capitalist, the understanding escapes me how such an evident coercion could at the same time remain so well hidden. An infrastructure which, when recognized, makes even the Ayn Rand’s Minarchist state or the Ancap utopia to be known as an obvious planned and centralized regime but is also a central a theme to Socialism and other such ideologies beyond Capitalism.

I speak of the rule of property. So much bickering, there has been, between which form of this tyranny to have that none have found time to question the very underlining idea.

And I can hear the supposed “free-marketeers” now with their jeers of chaos. “There would be no order!”, they say “Shops would be looted every day with nothing to stop the looters!. Oh the shame. Are these not the same ones who herald the invisible hand of the market? Are these not the ones who, when confronted with an economic woe, would say that the market needs to be let to guide itself, to arrive at it’s naturally emergent balance out of the seemingly unguided chaos? I only offer you the same principle but to it’s actual ends. The degree to which the system has become decentralized and irregulated is the degree to which the natural evolutionary order may emerge. Now, I don’t know for certain how a Nonpropertarian economy would function but I have some fairly confident ideas of which I may discuss in this thread if the questions which require their discussion are posed.

Property is an inherently authoritarian concept, whether with it’s platform as labor, as needs, as collective ownership, or any other such formula for control. No “right” can be had without limiting the freedom of others to impose upon it, surely this is recognized. So the question is whether such a limitation is being imposed upon something which is anti-liberty. For if the liberty which the right limits is not anti-liberty than the right itself which limits this thing is in actuality the thing which is anti-liberty. So what does it mean posses something which has a claim by another, does it limit the liberty of the claimer? Surely, a person may find a reason to say that it does, for most objects have a political power of some kind when possessed. To take possession of water which one claims is to limit their freedom in consuming that water. So the Capitalist may take the tactic of pointing this out but it is really a half-witted move for they are blind to the fact that it is same vice-versa. The very person claiming the water in the first place is limiting the freedom of others to consume it, so this too is anti-liberty. So both sides are anti-liberty? That, too, is only half the story. For if a person were to claim something while no one else feels a need to do the same, who’s liberty is he infringing upon? Vice-versa, if one has a claim to a thing but has does not use it, what liberty is infringed by another taking his claim? But if both sides may be at some times anti-liberty and sometimes not, how are we to know how to maximize freedom? If only there were a way for the system to balance itself. Perhaps if we did not have this rule of making a claim to be imposed upon others, a solution might develop.

“So what..”, you say, “just get rid of property?”. “Ok, I’ll just go to your house and take all your stuff, how bout that?” To suddenly switch off the rule of property would indeed cause instantaneous disorder, panic and destruction. This is not the fault of this new Nonpropertarian environment, it is the example of something much more dangerous in a state of decay–the crumbling of the old and the construction of a new. Out of this chaos would evolve a new infrastructure for the allocation of resources, an infrastructure which can truly be called a free-market.



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This is why it still exist.

1. Illegal =/= Abolished

Though it is true that slavery(in it’s traditional sense) has been made illegal(also in it’s traditional sense) in every country the world, it is also true that slavery still exists in every country in the world. There is a huge demand for slaves and economic inequality leads to scenarios which makes it extremely easy to develop. There are estimated to be more slaves today than at any point in human history.

2. Illegal =/= Enforced

Slavery is an extreme problem in Mauritania today, among other countries, where the government refuses to enforce it’s anti-slavery laws. The slavery there is the same white over black slavery we saw(see) in America.

3. Illegal for you =/= Illegal for the government

Lets take America as an example. The 13th Amendment, the one which supposedly abolished slavery, is very clear on the matter that it does nothing of the kind.
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment…”
In other words, the government has simply done what it has always done. Whenever there is a thing in society which is undesirable, it doesn’t destroy it, it only gains a monopoly on it. The story is always the same.
Indeed, we see slavery all the time in America. Prisoners’ labor is sold off against their will to corporations who could have hired the people starving on the street because they can’t find a job.
The funny thing is(not in a good way), a much higher per capita of these prisoners are black. When the slaves were supposedly freed they had zero compensation and have been kept in a perpetual state of poverty ever since, causing elevated crime rates(due to a much higher incentive). And when they try to get out of poverty by selling drugs(a victim less crime) that also puts them in jail.

4. Involuntary servitude is illegal =/= Servitude against one’s will is illegal

I am, of course, speaking of wage slavery. Wage-slavery is where someone is in such an economic condition that they are desperately dependent on their employer. Those who are against considering wage-slavery real slavery are making the claim that “choosing” something when there is really no other choice at all can really be considered voluntary. Money is just as much a device of political power as elections are. When someone must make a contract with someone much more economically secure than they are, it is the rich-man with all the leverage in the decision. This kind of pressure is equivalent to coercion. If you disagree still, I dare, I just dare you, to find a starving child in china who works for some industry making stuff for America who receives just enough so they can move their weight in the job the next day(all day) and tell them to their face that it isn’t slavery, that they chose this for themselves.

It’s time to re-abolish slavery.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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This movie was by far my favorite of the three. There wasn’t actually anything I disagreed with this time. None of the religious conspiracy theories. I’m very impressed, I recommend you watch it.

COP CRIMES This Week Sept 29 – Oct 5

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These events occurred in the last week:

Orange County CA deputy caught repeatedly sexually assaulting 9yr-old girl

Lib County GA deputy murders deployed soldier’s wife who had been missing since Saturday

Gurnee IL cop caught molesting 10yr old girl, facing trial for molesting other girl

Parker FL cop murders woman – confesses to shooting her in head & dragging her body into woods

Oakland CA police fatally shoot arthritic pet dog 3 times for barking at them

Corpus Christi TX cop given two felony counts for fondling child

Riverside CA police officers raiding homeless encampment, destroying their property, bedding & clothes

Sellersburg IN cop gets plea deal for downloading & transmitting child porn, faced 12 counts

Millard Co UT sheriff’s detective caught covering for sex offender who had gun

Flagler Beach FL police lt sentenced for throwing disabled adult to the ground and pepperspraying during traffic stop

Denver CO sheriff’s deputy caught for sexual assault on a child, multiple victims suspected

Wausau WI police detective caught responding to crime scene drunk w/BAC of .14

Memphis TN cop caught slamming cuffed man’s head into building, puching him, then kicking him

Milwaukee County WI deputy shows up for firearms training while drunk

Lee County FL deputy suspended 2 weeks for swearing & waving gun when he pulled over a woman & her son

Framingham MA police detective seen urinating on private property, points gun at and threatens to shoot man who caught him

Broward County FL deputy kidnaps & rapes cuffed female inmate

McLeod County MN deputy caught trespassing on private property & shooting an animal 5-7 times

Tilton IL police officer caught for criminal sexual assault of 17yr-old girl

Miami FL cop caught stealing accident victim’s ATM card and withdrawing $460 from account

Sacramento County CA deputy convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of his wife’s boyfriend

Charlotte City NC cop pulls over couple, gropes the girlfriend, orders boyfriend to fondle her while he watched, also caught sexually assaulting 6 other women

Daly City CA cop gets caught holding knife to man’s throat in Starbucks & poking other man in stomach w/gun

20+ Galveston TX cops sued by 11 wedding party guests who were beaten w/batons & tasered

Miami Beach FL cop investigated for having sex w/minor 30 times & recording it

Oakland CA cop who planted a gun on man, causing him to be wrongfully jailed for nearly two years, costs dept 175k

Navajo NM police officer caught for DUI after found in car stopped in middle of road

California Highway Patrol officer gets no contest plea to DUI, meth possession & murder solicitation

Baltimore MD police sued by man claiming cops took his cell & arrested him for taping brutal arrest

Los Angeles County CA deputy fires 8 shots at unarmed store clerk who had just been robbed, claims he “mistook” him for suspect

Fort Myers FL police officer fired for lying about how his police cruiser was damaged after crashing into pole

Ft Myers FL cop gets reprimand for failing to take crime victim’s report & telling witness to mind his own business

Oak Ridge TN cop quits alleging fellow cops retaliated against her when she filed complaint about sexual harassment

Rapid City SD police sued by former Air Force sergeant who was discharged after cops outed her as lesbian to military

Frazee MN police chief resigns for harassing & threatening ex-girlfriend including ordering cop to pull her over

3 Los Angeles Co CA deputies get probation in plea deal for badly beating jail inmate for making obscene gesture

Washoe Co NV deputy may face vehicular manslaughter charges for fatally hitting bicyclist while responding to call

Miami-Dade FL cop suspended for violating restraining order by woman who’s boyfriend was murdered

Baltimore MD police officer sentenced to 18mo & to be fired for shooting at 2 men driving away after bar fight w/him

3 Dallas TX cops indicted on felony charges over videotaped beating of man chased for riding motocycle on sidewalk

Bristol CT cop who got 4day leave for high-speed on-duty crash resigns when undisclosed blood test shows he was drunk [3]

Rialto CA police dpt subject of suit by stripper claiming cop who fathered her child during on-duty affair abused her

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agent pleads guilty to felony firearms charges in Mexican gun-running scheme

Okaloosa Co FL sheriff publicly apologizes for wrongful arrest of 65yr-old when deputies mistook heart med for cocaine

2 Birmingham AL cops indicted for civil rights violations over videotaped 2008 beating of unconscious chase suspect

Wyoming DE police chief suspended while under investigation on allegations he misused a state police database

Martinsville IN cop pleads to public intox over incident at concert involving woman in men’s room w/him

Lake Ozark MO settles suit on sealed terms to woman claiming 2 cops threw her to ground & arrested her w/o cause

Shenandoah TX police sgt resigns after DWI related accident, police cmdr resigns during unspecifed investigation

Swatara PA police chief suspended w/o pay for trying to get hockey tickets after cop let players go at traffic stop

New Jersey judge rules that public has no right to know how a Chatham NJ cop was disciplined for misconduct

Salinas CA cop who opened fire at unarmed couple after mistakenly thinking he was shot sentenced to 90days jail

Allentown PA settles suit for $175k to family of man fatally shot in back after he was disarmed & cuffed as he died

Grand Co CO settles suit for unspecified sum to man left paralyzed when shot by deputy w/questionable record

Summers County WV sheriff & chief deputy sued by secretary for sexual harassment alleging deputies tasered her

Caldwell WV cop charged w/DUI after driving to jail demanding to talk w/employee & becoming belligerent before leaving

Sandoval County NM sheriff faces improper use of evidences of registration charge after questionable traffic stop

San Antonio TX police officer arrested by state police on driving while intoxicated charge in unspecified incident

Los Angeles CA police officer arrested on 6 counts of workers compensation fraud costing department $7,000

Jacksonville FL deputy found guilty of conspiring to commit fraud, 5 counts mail fraud & 4 counts wire fraud

Philadelphia PA cop quickly retires while subject of investigation after caught using card counting device at casino

San Fransisco CA cop suspended 9 months for instructing rookie cop to lie about escaped suspect 5yrs ago

2 Beaumont Co TX deputies face 1day suspension for failing to test & charge drunk driving county transport director

3 Sansom Park TX cops fired & police chief suspended after internal investigation over unspecified staff complaints

Cathedral City CA cop suspended while under criminal & internal investigation over unspecified misconduct complaint

Ishpeming MI cop resigns before being charged w/domestic violence over incidents that allegedly occurred 4-5yrs ago

Jennings MO hands control of police department to county in wake of federal & state probe into missing grant funds

Cleveland OH police investigate fatal shooting of unarmed bank robbery suspect by cop during search of home

New Haven CT police accused of excessive force during tactical SWAT raid of nightclub for being over capacity

Saltville VA cop indicted for felony misuse of public assets worth over $1k for using PD cell phone for personal gain

Haubstadt IN town marshal pleads guilty to felony theft & official misconduct for altering time sheets & keeping extra

Schenectady NY police detective sentenced to probation for official misconduct & illegally purchasing prescriptions

US Customs & Border Protection officer arrested on allegations he accepted bribes to let drugs & people across border

Reno NV cop won’t face DUI charges after found passed out in running car because fellow cops waited to call troopers

Toledo OH police officer faces theft in office charges after resigning over alleged fraudulent time sheets

Princeton Twp NJ police department taken over by prosecutor amid criminal investigation into chief & 2 officers

Lake County MT sheriff’s office raids home of man running website alleging corruption in sheriff’s dept, plan charges

San Diego CA police officer & his wife face felony charges for burglarizing & destroying their foreclosed home

Bullhead City AZ police officer suspended 40days for accidentally firing M4 Carbine in department, flooding basement

Dade County TN deputy charged with simple battery family violence over alleged altercation with his wife

9th Circuit Court agrees to revive case en banc of pregnant woman tasered by Seattle WA cops for not signing ticket

Ross Twp PA cop retires to save pension before charged with possession & hindering, seen on video watering pot plant

2 New Orleans LA cops charged w/purjury & obstruction of justice for false testimony in Hurricane Katrina civil suit

Elwood IN cop charged with obstruction, official misconduct & false reporting involving theft case he investigated

Tarrant Co TX sgt demoted & deputy suspended 1 month for high-speed chase of drug suspect that injured Ft Worth cop

New Orleans LA cop who stole $3,500 watch from suspect sentenced to 8 weekends in jail in plea deal to reduced charge

2 Beaumont Co TX deputies face 1day suspension for failing to test & charge drunk driving county transport director

Idaho State trooper under investigation on allegations he poached a moose prior to start of hunting season

Pequot Lakes MN police chief fired after unspecified complaint was filed against him, officials refuse to specify

New Hanover NC deputy gets deferred judgment deal in plea to misusing police equipment to help teen get into gay club

Ennis TX cop caught on video mistreating suspect had history of misconduct, prosecutors tried to keep video secret

Summit County OH deputy under investigation for slamming cuffed detainee head-first into wall on jail video

New Haven CT police accused of tackling and arresting man for recording his friend’s questionable arrest w/cellphone

Chicago IL police officer charged as part of investigation into tow truck bribery scheme, 7th officer charged so far

Charlotte NC council ok’s settlement of $225k to couple in suit against cop accused of sexually assaulting 6 women

US federal agent based in Laredo TX arrested on assault & resisting arrest charges in off-duty incident at restaurant

Detroit MI police sued by man alleging they falsely arrested him for murder then forced him into a false confession

Charleston County SC deputy arrested for criminal sexual conduct & kidnapping and raping woman at a bar


These are only the ones that got reported.


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Fact #1 : There were girls in 1990

Fact #2 : There was Glenn beck in 1990

Fact #3 : There was rape in 1990

coincidence??? I think not!

Fact #4: Rapists are major asssholes.

Fact #5: Glenn Beck is a major assshole.

Everything ties together!

Somebody get me fucking a chalk-board!!!

The evidence is clear that GLENN BECK RAPED AND MURDERED A GIRL IN 1990.

In-fact, after suspicions started to pop-up Glenn Beck’s lawyers have actively been trying to silence the allegations!!


And just what is this guy’s story?

The great tragedy of Glenn Beck’s life (and even more so of ours) is that his mother killed herself after giving birth to him instead of before. Legend has it that he drove her to consume entire bottles of pills just by talking to her at the dinner table one night.

Following this delicious swig of human tragedy, Glenn became a shit-faced drunk and a serial fondler of fat women, admitting later that he did this because the fat women reminded him of his mother, whom he’d always wanted to have meaty, sweaty sex with. Mama Beck had been morbidly obese as a result of all of the heavy drinking and compulsive eating she had done three years after giving birth to Glenn when he first began to speak and she realized what a raging asshole had come out of her pussy.

After years of drinking, fondling and crying like a bleeding vagina, and a brief period in the 80’s where he got heavily into cocaine, sucking dicks made of used syringes in dumpsters full of bloody diapers filled with razor blades, as well as underage Arab boy-whores, it’s obvious that all this trauma must have lead to the inevitable RAPING AND MURDERING OF A GIRL IN 1990.

He finally found Jesus, who appeared to him in the form of Ronald Reagan, offering Glenn his own radio show in exchange for his first-born child and two hours of analignus every Sunday. Little did Glenn know that Reagen also was a rapist who had 10 sessions a day of BDSM with Beck’s daughter, causing her cerebral palsy, proving that Glenn Beck can’t do anything right, including how to make a baby.

Now, just to be FAIR AND BALANCED, their are some dumbfuck opponents to the idea that GLENN BECK RAPED AND MURDERED A GIRL IN 1990. The only good arguments they could possibly have is that Glenn Beck does not possess a penis. They really have something there–HOWEVER!– It can quickly be defeated by the fact that Glenn Beck himself is a dick.