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An Examination of Human Nature and the Discontents of Authority

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Let it be known that I do not necessarily agree with the views expressed in the videos below. I have provided so many for the purpose of providing different points of view and a broad context on the matter.

Now for the next series:

Now another series:

And to finish it off:

After viewing all these videos I have become very torn.

I think human nature is basically selfish. But also that selfishness is not a bad thing. That, in-fact, the right kind of selfishness is very good and is a healthy construct for morality.

I do not like Socialism because it refutes selfishness and attempts to oppress me with it’s own vision of morality; the same kind boasted by classical religion which is a pollutant of intellectual progress.

But I do not like Capitalism either because it has a foundation upon mind-control. It is merely another version of the state except that the state is authoritative through non-voluntary means whereas Capitalism is authoritative through means of indoctrination and retardation of the masses. Statism and Capitalism have the same ends except the state forces you there while Capitalism tricks you there.

A voice deep within me cries “There must be another alternative!”, but I don’t know what it is.

So for now I will say this:

Direct politics is of trivial importance. No matter what government or lack thereof you have it will still be all for nothing if you have an intellectually bankrupt people. The key to changing society for the better is not through government but through culture; through philosophy and through science.



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The most reoccurring point of this blog, other than humor, is to encourage you to be a free-thinker. To open your mind and also be skeptical, to apply scientific method to all information you receive and to have the pursuit of reason as your utmost highest value.

The enemy of this is something people from all religious views and from every end of the political spectrum are very susceptible to; mind control. To relinquish your mind to the will of another simply because it “feels” right. To simply choose to stop thinking for yourself. We have no moral compasses, we are not endowed with a natural knowledge of what is wrong and right, it is only through reason that morality can be found.

The people who wish to control you, they are intellectuals whores, feeding off the blind obedience of others. They wish to have the most dangerous of human lusts; power–the more they get, the more they want, as much as they can get.

These parasites of society have many means of obtaining this great vice, the greatest of which is emotion.  They dazzle you with void rhetoric, with pleasing voices and well tuned body language. They promise wonderful things like hope and salvation, they comfort you and give you a yearning to hear more. They make you feel alive and impassioned! Of coarse, not everyone giving a speech, even ones that are good speakers are these people but you can never know. You must confront all sources of ideas with a critical mind, no matter how used to it or how trust worthy you think it is and you must not let emotion get in the way of it.

Please, you WILL be enslaved if you do not question EVERY source. Question me, question your beliefs, question your parents, question your government and do all initial questioning respectfully, then do any counter-action that may result from the questioning with a ferocity.

This video below is called The Milgram Experiment, it shows just how weak people are to authority even when they know it’s wrong.

The leaches who wish to brain-wash you to think as they do will use much trickery of words saying things like “this is your only chance”, “you must act now”, “later might be to late”, “just trust me”, “look inside yourself”, “deep down you know it’s true”, “become like a child”, “surrender yourself”, “you have a whole that can only be filled by ___”, “this is the only way for your salvation”, “let ___ take control of your life”, and they will constantly be preaching to you to have obedience to their cause.

Tell me, if you believed your God told you to kill someone, would you?

And this doesn’t just go for religion, there are many instances in which this could occur.

Please don’t become a slave. Be free.

The Fallacy of Psychic Abilities

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This ties directly into my previous blog-post “Skepticism”; it is one of the fundamental bases for an intellectual life to question the information presented to you. And I, having done this, have found in my opinion that horoscopes, mind readers, mystics, miracles, and the whole lot of psychic and supposedly supernatural phenomenon to be entirely ludicrous.

Prepare to be educated on the insidious method by the name of”cold-reading”.


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Have you ever gotten that special spiritual feeling? Ever felt like your God or whatever it is you worship is just giving you a big hug on the inside? Have you felt like you’ve been possessed with a demon? Or had one exercised from you? Have you ever gotten that feeling where you know you had been “saved”? Or when a spirit enters you? Have you ever felt a spirit talking to you? Have you ever witnessed a “miracle”? Have you ever seen God speak through someone? Do you ever put your complete trust or faith in some super-natural being? Have you always seen the super-natural or paranormal as an explanation of what you don’t understand? Did you know there’s another cause to all these things? Yes, it’s called science. To see the scientific explanation of things, which all things have, skepticism must be applied. There is no intellectualism in faith, which is the opposite of skepticism. And there is no intellectualism without skepticism, which is the critical questioning of the information presented to you.

That program claims to use no actors or stooges. Feel free to question the validity of that, that’s actually the whole point. But also consider that all the things shown in those videos can be explained through psychology. The same techniques are being used everywhere, all the time . They have been used on you as well, they have been used on all of us and will continue to be the rest of our lives. But the question is…will you question them when they strike next? Will you be faithful or skeptical?