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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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This movie was by far my favorite of the three. There wasn’t actually anything I disagreed with this time. None of the religious conspiracy theories. I’m very impressed, I recommend you watch it.


Moral Nihilism

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It has been my humble observation that many of the non-religious are confused with the topic of morality and ethics in how it would be rationally extended from their particular breed of reasoning. Don’t get me wrong, the religious aren’t the masters of logical consistency, but this is specifically directed towards the unbeknownst  confusion  asserted from those who claim the negation of faith. By confused I refer to internal inconsistency within their perspective. In this blog-post I will discuss how the rational extension of non-religiosity in regard to ethics leads to Nihilism.

Regardless of how unpleasant it may seem to refer to morality as an illusion, the intellectually-honest non-religious individual must do so in-order to hold internal consistency.

First, a definition of terms; morality and ethics is a description of values and behavior that one ought to have. It is not simply describing  behavior that is but rather behavior that ought to be.

To define ethics as simply a type of behavior in no way means that one ought to behave that way. The famous philosopher, David Hume, aptly pointed out that it is logically impossible to derive an ought from an is–or a value from a fact. So while you may define Altruism, compassion, and kindness as ethical behavior, you are really just describing a type of behavior that is, not one that ought to be.

It’s important to properly understand that ethics and morality is based on how things ought to be. To say giving food to the homeless is kind is completely different than saying that one ought to give food to the homeless. The statement that giving food to the homeless is kind, that is a fact. But to derive a value out of that, saying being kind is a value, that does not logically derive from the fact that giving food to the homeless is kind. You could also say the statement that beating up the homeless for fun is unkind is a fact–so would you then say that you ought to value being unkind, simply because it is a fact? No, all you are doing is stating facts and you’ll never get a value out of that. If someone kills another in cold-blood, it is a fact, it is what is whether or not one ought to have done it.

Now, remember, saying one ought to do this or do that is entirely different than the subjective statement of “I prefer to do this or that”. For example, I prefer water to soda but that does not mean I say one ought to drink water. A Nihilist may be reading this now who understands and agrees with everything I’ve written so far. Most likely they are  someone who would say “I prefer people to be kind” or “I strongly dislike killing”, but they acknowledge that as their own subjective preference and they don’t believe in any kind of morality. So subjective preference, of preferring things to be a certain way, is in no way at all what morality and ethics is about. In this sense, Nihilists are Egoists. The Egoist who says self-pleasure is moral has purely a semantical difference with Nihilism, in actuality there’s no difference in how they behave.

To pull morality out of a hat, to derive an ought from an is, requires some convoluted sense of faith. So if you’re an individual who claims to be non-religious and asserts no code of morality then, congratulations, your ethics are consistent with your reasoning which produced your rejection of faith.

I also find it necessary to point out two different attitudes of Nihilism; Passive and Active.

Passive Nihilism is indicative of a decline in a personal sense of control. It is characterized by the inability to create, or in the extreme to react. The Passive Nihilist is one who, when faced with the world’s uncertainty, withdraws and refuses to engage the world. For him, uncertainty is a sufficient condition not to proceed through life, and so paralyzed by fear of the unknown and unknowable he does nothing or even to the extent that it can no longer be bared which results in insanity or suicide. The famous philosopher Frederich  Nietzsche described this condition as “the weary Nihilism that no longer attacks..a passive Nihilism, a sign of weakness”.

Active Nihilism on the other hand, is indicative of a relative increase in a sense of personal control. The Active Nihilist sees freedom where the Passive Nihilist sees loss or meaninglessness. He chooses action and creation instead of passivity and withdrawal. For him, the lack of objective standards of moral truth motivates self-created standards and criteria. The Active Nihilist  is not active despite  the unknown but because of it. He possesses a store of creative energy and power which allows him to impose personal meaning on the world while never forgetting that he is the source of it all and progenitor of that meaning. He is heroic in this sense, facing the world with courage and purpose.

This short inquiry is not exhaustive in the least and would be chancy to change any minds but I felt it necessary of my own desire to give my two cents on the matter. Nihilism can be a very confusing thing for some people, especially those who see Nihilists like me who would easily confuse me with come kind of Gandhi character espousing robust Altruism. But so I don’t disappoint their mis-guided view of Nihilism as a meaningless, heartless and void of all things good I’ll close off by saying that I wish all my Nihilist friends well while they go brutally anal rape some crippled people and blow-up a church.

Oiuja Boards and the Ideomotor Effect

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This is a Oiuja(pronounced “weegee”) board. It is another tool used by psychics to drowned people’s minds with ignorance.

What it is:

Bearing a name said to be derived from the French and German words for “yes,” the Ouija board is simply a flat, smooth board bearing the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and often the words “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,” and “Goodbye.” A hand-sized, heart-shaped device perched upon three short legs, each of which has a pad or wheel to enable the instrument to slide freely across the board, is known as the plantchette. One or more operators sit around the board, each lightly resting fingers upon the top of the planchette.

What people think happens:

It is said that spirits or other super-natural entities cause the planchette to move about the board, spelling out messages and answers to questions posed by the operators.

What really happens:

This is classical example of the ideomotor effect. It is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. As in reflexive responses to pain, the body sometimes reacts reflexively to ideas alone without the person consciously deciding to take action. “Automatic writing”, “dowsing”, “facilitated communication”, and oiuja boards have all been attributed to the effect of this phenomenon.

This can be easily demonstrated by the fact that when the operators are properly blindfolded, only gibberish is produced.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


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CNN, HNN, FOX News, NBC, MSNBC, local news, it’s all bullshit!

Whatever your political leanings, the bare fact is that all these conventional news sources are owned by powerful corporations, all notorious for doing anything and everything to maximize profit which they have high leverage to do thanks to their strong and corrupt connections with the federal and state government.

You see, corporations are in themselves small governments, except without the boarders.

Corporations have become extremely dangerous due to government sponsorships like copy-right laws and back-door deals. You’ll in-fact find that many of the people working in our higher offices today used to work for or have very strong ties with multiple of these insidious organizations.

And the absolute worst thing you can possibly do with these entities of such notable malice is to place them in control of communication, which is precisely what we have done.

And let me make this clear; whoever controls communication controls the world. Plain and simple.

Everything you watch on conventional news has been pre-screened and approved of by these all powerful corporations.


Yes, it’s the very reason I am able to get this message to you right now.

None of those news sources would tell any of what I’m telling you now, though they know it all too well.

The internet is, in absolutely no exaggeration, the savior of all man-kind right now.

FOX News likes to point out how they are the most watched news channel on television. What they don’t tell you is that 67% of people get their news off the internet. Which is the only reason we have ANY liberty at all.

I not only advice but plead with you to stop letting yourself get indoctrinated by the establishment.

You just don’t realize at all what is happening when you watch these channels. You may think that when you leave out their so called “opinion shows” that all their new coverage is fair and balanced. BULLSHIT! There is flat-out just many things they are no way in hell gonna tell you. And even with all the things they do show I would still urge you to pull your head out of your ass at the apparent one-sidedness of all their pitiful excuse for newscasting!

On the internet, home to millions of different reporters from all different perspectives, you can obtain all sides to nearly any issue light-years past what any of the establishment-broadcasters have to offer you.

Figure it out.


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The political issue that I am single most passionate about is a reformation of the educational system.

The compulsory system we have now is based on indoctrination for achieving knowledge rather than through free-thought.

And I’m not just talking about public school, no! This includes public school, home-school and other private schools.

This is what you must learn, this is what you must not.
This is how you must learn it, this is how you must not.
This is where you must learn it from, this is where you must not.
This is when you must learn it, this is when you must not.
This is what place you must be and when you must be there and this is everything else your not aloud to do.
This is where you must sit and be quiet while you listen to the teacher who definitely knows better than you about everything.
No need to ask questions, just do what your told.
This is how much you must focus on this issue and on this one too. Who cares which things really interest you.
This is who will be teaching you, better get on their good side, this is also who will be grading you.
This is all the tedious work and mountains of pages you must fill out, as if that really teaches you anything.
This is where you come to become settled in with the rest of society.
Forget who you are and the things you desire, your one of us now.
This is the place where you come to be instilled with the glorious values of our society that will finally mold you into a good person, like obedience and loyalty and how to be content with running through the motions, OH, and lets not forget the most important one! PATRIOTISM.
Now bow-down, shut-up and get back to work you silly ignorant child.

What I advise is this:

Either upon reaching a certain age, such as ten, or proving that you have reached a basic knowledge, such as math, reading, writing, etc, you would be able to participate in the system I am to describe.

You work at your own pace, your studying hours are under your control.

You study what you want, there is no involuntary curriculum. Though you are given advice on what to learn; particularly which fields of knowledge are in high demand in the work-place.

You have free access to a giant library containing all relevant fields of inquiry. You don’t have to use these books but they are there for your convenience.

There are various teachers throughout the facility that each specialize in one or several fields. You may use these teachers if you wish but are not required.

If any teacher is inefficient at their job than they can be fired by the students through a popular vote.

Upon learning what you want, when you wanted to and from whom you wanted to, you can then ask for a test for you to be tested on specific fields of your choice.

After taking said test you will receive a certificate showing the fields you chose and how well you know them so that it may be shown to a potential employer or anything else you would wish it for.

There is no graduation date. You can update your certificate anytime you want with any fields you want on it.

The facility would also include places for the arts and sports which you are not tested on.

This new system would not only increase the standard of living by directly making lives easier on those seeking an education but also, I argue, would create a smarter and free-thinking generation that would progress the rest of society into a better future.

Do you know where the compulsory form of education we got now mostly originated from?

Nazi Germany. It was invented to indoctrinate the youth into faithful obedience of the dictatorship. Soon it’s “potential” was recognized by others and it spread to the rest of the world.

In the system we have now only old knowledge that may or may not be correct is inefficiently passed down without actually encouraging anything knew. It is only through free-thought that any knew knowledge can be gained. Your ability to memorize says only half about your intelligence. The system we have now completely forgets about nurturing ones ability to reason.

Destroy the current tyrannical indoctrination machine and we will see progress in all other political, social and scientific fields.

An Examination of Human Nature and the Discontents of Authority

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Let it be known that I do not necessarily agree with the views expressed in the videos below. I have provided so many for the purpose of providing different points of view and a broad context on the matter.

Now for the next series:

Now another series:

And to finish it off:

After viewing all these videos I have become very torn.

I think human nature is basically selfish. But also that selfishness is not a bad thing. That, in-fact, the right kind of selfishness is very good and is a healthy construct for morality.

I do not like Socialism because it refutes selfishness and attempts to oppress me with it’s own vision of morality; the same kind boasted by classical religion which is a pollutant of intellectual progress.

But I do not like Capitalism either because it has a foundation upon mind-control. It is merely another version of the state except that the state is authoritative through non-voluntary means whereas Capitalism is authoritative through means of indoctrination and retardation of the masses. Statism and Capitalism have the same ends except the state forces you there while Capitalism tricks you there.

A voice deep within me cries “There must be another alternative!”, but I don’t know what it is.

So for now I will say this:

Direct politics is of trivial importance. No matter what government or lack thereof you have it will still be all for nothing if you have an intellectually bankrupt people. The key to changing society for the better is not through government but through culture; through philosophy and through science.

The Internet’s Effect on Religion.

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