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Comic I made.

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Nothing actually against fat people, lol.



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The Key to Happiness: BLOOPER

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Pseudophilosophy with Freedo

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Imaginary George: Freedo, what do you think happens when we die?

Freedo: Death is merely the realization that nothing exists.

George: But…that doesn’t make any sense…

Freedo: I apologize George, you need clarification. Allow me to take us back to another conversation I have had that may shine some light on this conundrum.

*waves hands around, imaginary portal appears*


Imaginary Steve: So Freedo, why do you think there is something as opposed to nothing?

Freedo: Perhaps a better question is “what’s the difference?”

Steve: Explain.

Freedo: We, in the something, ask ourselves “how did we come from nothing?” Well, I’m sure that those in the nothing are asking themselves the same question, except “how did we come from something?”.

To us the question is baffling but, when you think about it, there are probably a lot more things that don’t exist than those things which do…so it must be even MORE baffling for them.

Steve: Come on now, Freedo. Be serious for a change.

Freedo: Not so fast Steve! You may say “NOTHING IS NOTHING and SOMETHING IS SOMETHING, lets just leave it at that!” But humor me for a moment, perhaps the somethings are only real to other somethings and the nothings are only real to other nothings, but not to each other!


George: I see… you’re saying is that we become nothings when we die and it is in this sense that we “realize nothing exists” for the other nothings become real to us and the something that was before becomes the new nothing?

Freedo: Precisely.

George: Well….that is all very interesting but–

Imaginary Jack: May I interject into this conversation?

Freedo: Shut up Jack, you’re imaginary.

Jack: So is George. >_<

George: Wait, what? This is getting weird…

Freedo: That’s correct George, you see, you are one of those nothings I was speaking of. You had not realized this because, too you, I am the nothing.

George: That actually makes a lot of sense…I think I understand now.

Freedo: I have to go now. You’re a good man, George, I look forward to meeting you when I leave my somethings.

George: The same. Goodbye Freedo.

“The highest form of self awareness is realizing you’re just a character in someone else’s dream”

~ Anonymous

An Interesting Study Done on the Effects of Drugs on Spiders

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This is actually pretty interesting. This is video recording a study done by the Canadian Wildlife Service. The effects of LSD, caffeine, THC, alcohol and cocaine actually aren’t too far from what you might expect but it’s kinda funny watching it.

The First Ever Epic Politician

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Jimmy McMillan, founder of the Rent is Too Damn High Party

He even wrote this rap to go with his slogan. He wrote it, not his fans.